400kw diesel generator with Cummins Engine KTA19-G3A
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400kw CUMMINS diesel  generator  Technical Parameters

Generator Set   Generator Set:            
      Open  : Green            
Diesel Generator Set Silent :Yellow,Green,Blue so on          
Model :KST-400GF   Control Panel:black            
Standby Power: 440KW Bed : Black            
Prime Power:400KW                  
Rated Voltage:400/230     Generator Set Size(MM) Weight(kg)
Number of Phase : 3 phase 4 wiring     Open Silent Open  Silent
Frequency: 50Hz(1500 R.P.M)     Height: 3400 4500 3250 4150
          Width 1250 2200
ENGINE         Length 1970 2450
Model :KTA19-G3A                  
Engine Type :4 Cycle , In-line ,Cummins PT Direct Injection CONTROL PANEL    
  Turbocharged & Aftercooled    
The control panel is the one with automatic start function, and the controller uses LCD display,optional
Chinese and English display interface with operation easy and reliable. It can be widely used in all types of
generator automatic control system for compact structure, advanced circuits, simple connections and high
Cooling Type: Water-cooled      
Standby Power :564kw      
Prime Power:503KW        
BoreXstroke :159x159      
Compression Ratio:13.9:1      
Number of Cylender:6      
R.P.M:1500RPM         Control Model      
Governor:Electrical          HGM6120      
Displacement ;19L         Control Panel Size      
Oil Capacity :50L         Height :0.55KG      
Water Capacity :30.3L (Engine Only)     Width:186        
Fuel Consumption : 25% loads: 22.1. L   Length:141      
    50% loads: 31.6 L   Panel Materical:Cold rolling steel plate 2.0t   
    75% loads: 34.3 L            
    100% loads: 33.4 L   Item   Alarm Breaker Engine Stop
GENERATOR         Emergency Stop   o o o
Model :SDF-400         Overspeed of Engine   o o o
Standby Power :440kw       High Temp of coolant water   o o o
Prime Power 400kw         Lube Oil Pressure Low   o o o
Rated Voltage: 400/230V       Under Voltage   o o o
Number of Phase :3         Over Voltage   o o o
Connection Type         Over Current   o o o
Frequency :50Hz         Fail to start o x o
R.P.M :1500RPM        
Number of Pole :4                  
Power Factor :0.8                  
Excitation :, Brushless ,Self-exciting,              
  AVR automatic voltage regulating            
Bearing Type:Single bearing,                 
Protection :IP23                  
Insulation Class :H                  


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