ATS for diesel generator set
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      Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) Introduce
         For emergency power in building or other circumstances, Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) is essential. ATS can automatically transfer load between the main power and the emergency power (generating set) without operator. When the main power fails or voltage drop below 80% of normal voltage, the ATS will start emergency generating set after a preset time 0-10 seconds (adjustable), and transfer the load to emergency power(generating set). Contrarily, when the main power recover normal, the ATS will transfer the load form the emergency power (generating set) to the main power, and then stop the emergency power(generating set).

Switch struction description

1. Electric key lock: To control the power supply of the internal control circuit of the switch; when the electric lock is unlocked, automatic and remote operation is realized; when the electric lock is locked, only manual operation can be performed.

2. Operation handle: If the operation handle is to be used for operation, the electric lock should be locked.

3. Mechanical padlock: When the equipment is to be repaired, use the operation handle to put the switch in its 0 grading, pull the padlock upward and get it locked before beginning the repair (pulling the padlock upward means to cut off the internal control power supply of the switch and the switch is now in on way to be operated electrically or manually).

4. Position indication: To show the positions of the switch operation status ( I. 0. II)

5. Control voltage: Switch control voltage grade: 220VAC.

6. Main body of switch: The front parts is channel I, connected to the “commonly used power supply” the rear part is channel II, connected to the “standby power supply”.