How to select a suitable generator for you?
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     generators are usually chosen based on their maximum and rated power. One must calculate what the total load will e in order to effectively choose the proper generator. Some appliances and

equipment require a higher starting wattage and then it tapers. 

      Rule of thumb is to take the running wattage and multiply by 3 unless the appliance or equipment is under a constant load such as light bulbs. 
Click on Amps, Watts, Volts and Kilowatts for the formula to calculate wattage. Otherwise use the charts provided below.
    You can use our Wattage Chart below to estimate the wattages of the tools, appliances and motors you will be operating at the same time. Add up the wattage of the tools, appliances and motors

you will be running at the same time. Then, select the generator with the continuous wattage rating that meets or exceeds your total load.

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